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  • 21 GORGEOUS, richly coloured high quality comic pages by Sheela!
  •  100% VORE 
  •  We're eating souls too - it's 200% vore! 
  • Bodacious monsterbabes from around the world and beyond! 
  •  Business criminal assholes getting their just desserts! 
  • Other business criminal assholes totally getting away with it! 
  • Your purchase supports future projects from Sheela and Cyanide! 
  •  Not to mention the continuation and expansion of this world~! 

Sheela and Cyandie co-produce another HOT AS HELL comic, this time dipping into the the world of paranormal organized crime. Witness an illicit meeting in the club's VIP lounge and see how to (and how not to) strike a deal with the inhuman beings from beyond. Five hungry, haunting monsters with different appetites makes for a comic that's all about vore!  

Tear up that contract!

Whooops! You didn't think your deal with these devils was going to be even, did you? There's no way everyone's a winner here!


Are you still standing tall? Or have you wound up... small? That's right, losers get shrunken! Shrunken, and then...

It's ALL vore from here!

Be it a red-skinned businessdemon, a nine-tailed kitsune, a snow-white yuki-onna, or a bi-gendered mountain of muscle and tits, it's gotta eat!

. . . No matter what your size

It doesn't matter if you're the size of a garden gnome, or smaller than a flea! You're getting eaten by a demon. Your very SOUL is getting eaten by a demon! You're SCREWED!



Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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