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Disclaimer: All characters in this are 18+. Also demons. We just like moms.

Sheela and Cyanide are back to show you another night at the Hot as Hell club! ...Oh, don't worry. The girls will be gentle this time,  we promise! Full of maternal domination from beginning to end with a hugely hung dickgirl finale that'll leave you feeling dwarfed in the shadow of a thick, chubby, BBW cow-mom! Includes a 9-page illustrated short story from the Sheela and Cyanide patreon!

  • 19 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!
  • Additional written intro page from Cyanide
  • Mountains of curvy Minotaur Mommydom!
  • Soft, squishy smothering and slow shrinking!
  • Watch a curvaceous cow-mom grow a thick cock to loom over you!
  • BONUS 9 page illustrated short story from our Patreon, bumping this package to almost 30 pages of content!

Wish you were here?

Step into the shoes of a frisky patron who's not afraid of playing with the big girls!
You might even say he prefers it that way.

What a little Momma's boy~!

They know what the root of your obsession with giant women is. They know why you want a woman in charge.
They know what a naughty boy you are. They know you want a new, bigger, badder, hotter motherly figure to squeeze into.

Drink up!

Momma's got plenty more where that came from. More than you can dream of. ...Say, you're starting to look awful small down there. 
I wonder what could be causing that? Get too small and she'll have to tuck you away somewhere, safe and sound...

Oh, and speaking of bigger and badder...

Since momma wears the pants around here, she might as well have the meat to fill them, no? Now, why don't you help momma with a different kind of milking? 
Actually, scratch that. Momma will do it. You can just come along for the ride.


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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